DaStudio was started as a hobby, Dave has been in the music business for about 30 years as a professional musician and like most muso’s always had a hankering for the recording side of things and slowly built up a small home setup, which grew and grew,took up a room,,,then took up a garage took over the garage,,built a booth,then then took over another room, broke down a wall, made the other room part of the booth, which just about brings it up to date.

Of course the equipment side of things was also a journey of note. While still on the road he purchased a Fostex 1/4in. 8 track machine with a Fostex mixer, spring reverb and compressor. He did a lot of stuff on that over the years, did some radio ads,,,most of which were pretty average ,but he learned a lot, pieces of tape hanging all over the studio.

Now technically up to date, Dave uses all that experience to help YOU get the result you deserve.

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