Abbott and Crabb

If you’ve lived in South Africa, and you don’t know Abbott & Crabb…we wonder where you’ve been hiding. A Pommie and an Oke from Springs who have managed to survive and prosper through 33 years on the SA entertainment scene. Dave and Henry’s unique blend of comedy and music has had audiences laughing and singing from Cape Town to Lusaka , Johannesburg to Swakopmund, Durban to…. just about anywhere there are people. Most people are amazed to find that they can actually play their instruments, and rather well at that. They are both vocalists and guitarists and their music ranges from Bluegrass to Rock. Dave’s an adept fiddle player and Henry’s handy on the banjo.

Dave’s guitar playing and musical talents coupled with Henry’s humour are an awesome combination.

Visit the Abbot and Crabb website here.

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